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क्रमांक विषय तारीख डाउनलोड
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2 Procedure for transferring or assigning promoters rights and liabilities to a third party updated 04/06/2019
9 Quality Assurance Certificate Form 2A 26/11/2018
34 Recognition of heads of Finance Department of government controlled development authorities, autonomous bodies etc. 05/05/2017
1 Release of additional charge as Adjudicating Officer of the Member-2/MahaRERA 22/08/2019
12 Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for handling complaints 17/07/2018
35 Self Declaration to be submitted by the Promoters to the Bank 05/05/2017
27 SOP for Updating Registered Projects and Revising /Correcting Information with respect to Registered Projects and Registered Real Estate Agents 18/07/2017
26 Standard Operating Procedure for Handling Complaints 24/07/2017
16 Statement of Projects Where Penalty is Paid for Delayed Registration 05/02/2018