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क्रमांक विषय तारीख डाउनलोड
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35 Office Circular: MahaRERA Office Working Hours 01/01/2018
32 Appointment of Adjudicating Officer on the Panel of MahaRERA 01/03/2018
4 MahaRERA Order dated 01st June 2020 as per Order of Government of India dated 30th May 2020 and Maharashtra Government dated 31st May 2020 regarding Lockdown due to COVID-19 01/06/2020
9 Order on revision of Project Registration Validity and Extended Timeline for Statutory Compliances, in view of Covid 19 Pandemic 02/04/2020
42 Order Passed in the MahaRERA Authority Meeting held on 2nd August 2017 in Regards to Online Applications Received on 1st and 2nd August 2017 for Registration for Ongoing Projects 02/08/2017
7 Order on closure of MahaRERA office till 17th May 2020 as per directions of Government of India regarding extension of Lockdown 04/05/2020
19 Procedure for transferring or assigning promoters rights and liabilities to a third party updated 04/06/2019
45 Clarification on CA Certificates 04/07/2017
46 Clarification regarding Project Registration Process 04/07/2017
37 Co- Promoter is known as Promoter (Land owner/ Investor) 04/12/2017