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क्रमांक विषय तारीख डाउनलोड
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28 Declaration about Commencement Certificate 15/06/2021
29 MahaRERA Order dated 14th April 2021 as per Order of Government of Maharashtra dated 13th April 2021 regarding Break the Chain. 14/04/2021
3 Submission of Proforma of Allotment Letter and Agreement for Sale at the time of registration. 06/06/2022
30 Disclosure of sold/ booked inventory. 14/04/2021
31 Committee for Capacity Building and Certification of Real Estate Agents in Maharashtra 14/04/2021
32 Standardized formats for Legal title report and consent of flat buyers. 09/03/2021
33 MahaRERA Order dated 30th January 2021 as per Order of Government of Maharashtra dated 29th January 2021 regarding Lockdown due to COVID-19. 30/01/2021
34 MahaRERA Order Invoking Force Majeure for Covid - 19 Pandemic 19/05/2020
35 Order on revision of Project Registration Validity and Extended Timeline for Statutory Compliances, in view of Covid 19 Pandemic 03/04/2020
36 Rescheduling of hearing due to Coronavirus epidemic 23/03/2020